Premium Cotton Bags

These bags are also 100% cotton bags. But as this is clear from the name this is made of expensive cotton fabric. Usually to give you cost idea these are around 30-60% higher priced than normal canvas bags, reason this is thicker, and is very tight weaved, in layman language the desity of weaving is very high. These are mill made fabric.

We have kept this option for you for your buyers you have good budget and are ready to pay for the high valued product. these bags can be same customised like other cotton bags. These bags are 100% bio-degradable and eco freindly. These bags can be made available in natural cotton colour, bleached or dyed as per your requirements. These can be both handloomed made or powerloomed made.

Size : General Promotional Sizes are 12" wide x 14" tall or 14" wide x 16" tall", but it can be customised to your like sizes and designs.
Capacity : Can hold more than a full grocery items into bag.
Material : Is 100% cotton fibers.
Washing Instructions: Any way you like.

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